'Old Hundredth' and Christian Narrative in Three Works for Concert Band

Samantha Inman, Stephen F. Austin State University

This presentation compares three concert band works based on the Christian hymn tune "Old Hundredth": On the Third Day: A Celebration of Life by Patrick Roszell, Fantasy on Old Hundred by David R. Holsinger, and Variations on a Hymn by Louis Bourgeois by Claude T. Smith. All three incorporate the melody into a compelling design, far surpassing simple arrangements in technique, artistry, and associative meaning. Part I contextualizes tools from narrative theory, including narrative types, dynamic curves, and emotional arcs. Part II analyzes the three chosen works in turn, considering the function and meaning of "Old Hundredth" in each. While sharing the same genre and source hymn, the three compositions communicate different truths about the Christian life through their contrasting narratives.