Links as "hyper-efficient" transitions: Minor-key 'Prinners' to amend harmonic 'non sequiturs'

David Sarles, the University of Texas at Arlington

Recently, Nathan Martin and Graham Hunt have questioned whether vocal sonatas have any formal connection with instrumental sonatas. In my paper, I adopt Martin and Hunt's philosophy by placing formal considerations on aria sonatas and I define the minor-key Prinner as a modification of the Galant gesture defined by Robert Gjerdingen. In minor-key vocal expositions, the transition will appear to be missing, with the gap between the primary theme and secondary theme filled in with a link. These links are frequently used to amend the harmonic non sequitur between the primary and secondary themes and are used to transition in a "hyper- efficient" manner. Recognizing these gestures as transitions allows us to connect better with Nathan Martin and Graham Hunt's previous work on links in order to create Prinner transitions.