Designing Effective and Engaging Music Fundamentals Resources for Online Teaching

Rachel Mann and Katrina Roush, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

With the disruption of face-to-face teaching due to COVID-19, the need for scalable, quality online music resources has never been greater. Luckily, creating a complete/hybrid course or even building online modules for self-study is easy with a few tech resources. Our panel consists of two college music theory professors who specialize in pedagogy -- one with years of experience teaching online music fundamentals and one with experience developing music theory and aural skills software and grading AP music theory exams during the annual summer reading. We will offer 1) tips for building online materials such as personal and engaging pedagogical videos, 2) advice for incorporating basic aural and musicianship skills, 3) discussion of numerous free and low-cost tech resources such as, Musition First,, and Harmonia, and 4) a list of fundamentals topics -- what music majors and minors should know on day one of college and the main topics taught in music fundamentals courses across the United States.